About the Owners

Ellese & Kyle Gudvangen

True Fate brought Kyle and Ellese together, through with their genuine love for each other and the heart to rehabilitate, protect and nurture animals, they quickly became a dynamic team, striving to give animals a second chance.   The two met in college and both with aspirations that neither expected would lead them to form an animal sanctuary, a place of love, compassion, outreach, and for those considered the underdogs in the world.  While only in their mid- twenties, the pair have overcome many obstacles to bring their dreams to fruition. Through their newfound career goals, they birthed The Gud Ark Animal Sanctuary, an animal sanctuary where every animal deserves to be loved and know what it feels like to be cared for.

Ellese has a degree in Animal Science.?With all of her love for animals evident since she was a toddler, she has been deemed the animal whisperer.  Her love for animals can be felt from the moment you step foot on the property of The Gud Ark.  The care that she takes with each animal is evident as you see the animals that were once deemed disabled, old, sick, or not wanted now thriving.   Kyle is an Electrical Engineer and spends his days launching rockets into the international space station.?However, he always makes time to wear many hats at The Gud Ark to ensure things are running smoothly. His love for animals has been nurtured immensely over the years. 

A husband and wife team, Kyle and Ellese quickly learned through the animal sanctuary that they also wanted to be a glimmer of hope in the lives of humans. Rather it be the veteran who everyone has forgotten or the foster child who has been bounced from home to home, The Gud Ark has something for everyone:?new experiences and education through the bond of human and animals.   Through many charitable donations and the hard work of volunteers, The Gud Ark is a place that will continue to make an indelible imprint in the community.  Animals and humans will always have a place where they will be loved at the Gud Ark with Kyle and Ellese.